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专家简介:庄家翔,1984年3月出生,2015年6月获台湾大学物理研究所博士学位,现任职于台湾研究院原子与分子科学研究所博士后研究员。主要学术业绩为:与英国剑桥大学合作氢化石墨烯的电性传输,与日本千叶大学工程研究所研究低温扫描匣极在无序化学沉积法长成石墨烯的电性扫描与应用,与美国国家标准与研究院研究的磊晶石墨烯霍尔组件的制备与电阻标准研发与改良。目前已发表28篇SCI论文,总共引用数为177,H-index达到9,其中高引用点数的期刊为Nanoscale、2D Materials、Carbon、Nanotechnology、Applied Physics Letters。2015年入选日本学术振兴会外国人特别研究员(世界各国各领域年轻的博士1209申请者,只录取120人)。

报告摘要:Layered two-dimensional materials exhibit pronounced physical transport properties from their bulk counterparts due to reduced dimensionality and symmetry, and provides unique opportunities for applications such as nanoelectronics, energy storge and communication. Graphene is the first 2D material experimentally realized with thickness down to one atomic layer, and has been attempted to be a good candidate so as to replace silicon in integrated circuit for extending Moore’s law in the next generation.However, the absence of a band gap in graphene makes many device-related applications very challenging. In this talk, I will firstly review progress of graphene and my past work about the physical properties of graphene-based nanostructures. Secondly,I would talk about my main work about Chemical-doping-driven crossover from graphene to “ordinary metal” in epitaxial graphene grown on SiC. Finally, I would talk about my recent work in accordance with the progress of physical properties of 2D material heterostructures.


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