2018年5月4日9:00,旗山校区理工楼3#102,董崇礼 副教授,学术讲座【In situ/operando x-ray spectroscopy in energy science】

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学术讲座【In situ/operando x-ray spectroscopy in energy science】

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主讲:董崇礼 副教授




    Energy issues have recently become globally important public concerns, and low-carbon green energy is critical for the Third Industrial Revolution. To reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in response to globalization, it is necessary to establish green energy systems. In many important energy material systems such as nanostructured catalysts, artificial photosynthesis, smart materials, and energy storage devices, to study the atomic/electronic structures near the interfacial region under the real working environment is of great importance. It is difficult to design the material of high performance without knowing the fundamental properties such as chemical states, atomic and electronic structures and how they alter near the interfacial region during the physical/chemical reactions. Understanding the interfacial properties in energy conversion/storage materials requires in-situ/operando characterization, of which synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy has many unique features. X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigates the unoccupied electronic structure while x-ray emission spectroscopy probes the occupied electronic structure. The resonant inelastic x-ray scattering explores the inter- or intra-electric transitions. In situ/operando x-ray spectroscopy provides a way to track the modification of atomic and electronic structures of the energy material under operational environment. This presentation will report the current achievements and perspectives of in situ/operando synchrotron x-ray spectroscopies on energy relevant materials.


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