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1. Yuan Liu, Qian Feng, Nujiang Tang, Xiangang Wan, Fuchi Liu, Liya Lv, Youwei Du, Increased magnetization of reduced graphene oxide by nitrogen-doping, Carbon 60, 549-551(2013).


摘要:N-doped graphene (NG) has been prepared by annealing reduced graphene oxide (RGO) in ammonia. The magnetic properties of RGO and NG have been studied. The results showed that doping RGO with N at a relatively low temperature (600) can increase its magnetization, and which can be increased by 64.1% at the annealing temperature of 500.


2. Yuan Liu, Qian Feng Qinghua Xu, Qian Feng, Nujiang Tang, and Youwei DuSynthesis and photoluminescence of F and N co-doped reduced graphene oxideCarbon 61, 436-440(2013).


摘要:F and N co-doped reduced graphene oxide (F,N-RGO) was synthesized by annealing the mixture of N-doped reduced graphene oxide (N-RGO) and XeF2 at 180. The photoluminescence (PL) properties of F,N-RGO were studied. The results show that F,N-RGO exhibits two strong ultraviolet (UV) PL centered at 365 and 310nm, and the PL at 310nm can be appropriately tuned by tailoring the N content further.